Nitro PDF is a full-featured PDF reader and editor for Windows, upgraded to meet your needs at home and in the cloud.
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Clean, fast design: Nitro has been redesigned to match modern UIs and fits comfortably with Microsoft’s flagship Office suite. In many ways, Nitro is impressively designed, trumping many PDF tools with clear, vibrant icons, intuitive placement of tools, and subtle but intelligent use of color to make important features stand out.

Good value, plus cloud support: Nitro PDF is a robust application in both free and premium editions. Standard actions include the ability to mark up text, fill out documents and forms, create comments, and securely sign documents. You can share and collaborate via Nitro Cloud and work from the browser — a perfect addition to working remotely, if you don’t have access to the native tool.

Familiar work flows: Nitro places standard simple actions like drag and drop throughout the app and its cloud counterpart. When you’re editing documents, Nitro provides guides to help you align text boxes and snap to grids.

Not for ribbon haters: Those who are turned off by ribbon-based layouts might be turned off by Nitro’s tool layout.

Nitro is robust, snappy, and a great alternative to Adobe Reader in so many ways we can barely count. There are very few cons we can think of: Even if ribbon layouts aren’t for you, Nitro’s execution may make you think otherwise. The entire application feels modern and should be a welcome addition to anyone who manages documents. Anytime you receive a PDF file and don’t know how to handle it, turn to Nitro, because chances are the app can handle it.

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Nitro PDF Professional [x64 Edition]
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